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  • Workers' Memorial Week of Action 2019

    While WisCOSH works all year to help workers make, and keep, their work safe and their workplace healthy, in April we hold Workers' Memorial Day ceremonies in Milwaukee and across the state. In an effort to draw more attention to workers' plight we have expanded our efforts to a week of actions directed solely at spotlighting the fact that there are still far too many workers are dying on the job. With the rise in the use of chemicals in more workplaces it is leading to more disease and death after many years of pain and suffering.

    "A Day's Work" Return Showings

    A couple years ago WisCOSH held the Midwest Premiere of A Day's Work at Workers' Memorial Day ceremonies in Milwaukee. It got rave reviews from those that saw it. Since then we've recieved many requests to bring it back. This year ...More

  • Workers' Memorial Day 2019

    As Spring begins it's slow awakening and renewal WisCOSH begins its plans to hold Workers's Memorial Day events as well as Workers's Memorial Week of Action events.

    As in past years WisCOSH is preparing to host a communal meal and a commemorative ceremony. Plans are underway with the Milwaukee Area Labor Council (MALC) and the Waukesha County Labor Council (WCLC)and workers to honor those workers unable to return home at the end of their workshift or that passed prematurely due to workplace exposures. If you know of any workers that either died on the job or from workplace exposures please contact WisCOSH so we can be sure to include them. More here.

  • Preparing For An Emergency To Prevent It

    If you saw the following warning placcards on vehicles at your workplace, or driving through your neighborhood, which one placcard should you be most concerned about?
      D.O.T. hazard placcard Dangerous   D.O.T. hazard placcard Dangerous When Wet Class 4   D.O.T. hazard placcard Inhalation Hazard Class 2   d.O.T. hazard placcard Poison Class 6   Spontaneously Combustible Class 4

    When Your Job Is Transporting Hazardous Materials Accidents Are An Issue

    Knowing OSHA and D.O.T. Regulations Can Save Lives

    WisCOSH is currently able to offer both OSHA HAZWOPER training and D.O.T./FMCSA HazMat training at no cost. These classes are open to workers and employers. Being prepared for emergency situations will greatly reduces the likelihood of such incidents. And it will greatly mitigate losses in case one occurs.

    In addition to the 32 hour HAZWOPER training we have been able to offer the past several years we can now provide HazMat training. We are able to do these classes for free thanks to the National COSH's partnership with the ICWUC in Cincinnati OH.

    If you work with or around chemicals, and nowadays who doesn't, you need to know how to work ... (More here)

  • WisCOSH Celebrates 40 Years Helping Workers

    Join WisCOSH as we celebrate 40 years of helping improve working conditions across Wisconsin and beyond. From our earliest efforts (get an OSHA office in Wisconsin) to our most recent (expanding the types free training available) WisCOSH continues to provide information, education and advocacy on behalf of workers and concerned employers.

    Join us for a fundraising luncheon, a report on our activities in 2018, a look ahead to 2019 and the election of officers. Tickets for the luncheon are available for $12.50 in advance or $60 for a group of six. Tickets the day of the event will be $15. You can order tickets ahead of time. Tickets can be picked up at the WisCOSH office (call first to ensure someone is there) or at the door (Will Call).

    More information and updates can be found on WisCOSH's Facebook Events page.

  • Chemicals In The Workplace: Rights & Responsibilities

    Nearly all workplaces have chemicals in them. Fewer than 1% of the chemicals currently in common use in the American workplace have accurate safe exposure levels set by an enforceable standard. Many chemicals cross numerous borders before reaching their final use destination.

    In 2012 OSHA updated its Hazard Communication Standard and incorporated the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals as adopted by the U.N. In 2003. Most workers and employers do not understand what is required under the standard or how to implement it in the workplace. Join us for this FREE class.

    Reservation not required but are requested in order to have enough materials for all. If attending please comment below or send email to hazcom@wiscosh.org.

  • WisCOSH Partners with Citizen Action To Protect WI's Workers

    With the passage of the continuing resolution for the 2017 Federal Budget there was money available for the Susan Harwood Grant Program. Unfortunately there was no request for proposals or continuation funding for the Institutional Capacity Building which WisCOSH had been a partner with the National COSH and other COSHs across the country.

    Over the past year WisCOSH was able to work closely with Accion Ciudadadas de WI in providing a number of well recieved and much requested classes and workshops. WisCOSH could see a community of workers and employers wanting to know what they can do to make sure workers are safe and return home healthy but not adequately being served. More ...

  • WisCOSH Continues to Offer Free Training Through September

    While nothing is yet certain it is highly likely that the Susan Harwood Institutional Capacity Building Grant will end this fall. There is hope as a budget has not yet been passed and signed by the President, however, there were a number of very specific cuts to the proposed budget. The language for the grant program was removed and language specifically keeping OSHA from moving funds around to return funding to the program. The total budget request for OSHA is smaller by the amount of the program (approximately $10 million) and the 10% cut all agencies have been forced to take for the past serveral years due to Republican legislation.

    WisCOSH encourages you to take advantage of our ability to offer such a wide range of training topics at not cost.

  • Workers' Memorial Day 2017

    WisCOSH has begun planning this years event to commemorrate the workers lost in 2016 to workplace fatality or exposure with the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and the Waukesha County Labor Council. This is a first time joint project with both Central Labor Councils. WisCOSH is happy to welcome Waukesha to the efforts to highlight the continuing loss of workers to workplace hazards.

    Discussion so far has centered around the location of this year's events. Currently the Workers' Memorial Day Committee is looking to hold the "Mourn The Dead" and "Fight Like Hell For The Living" events at an alternate location and work on repairing and repainting the gazebo in Ziedler Union Square Park in downtown Milwaukee where the events have been traditionally located. More information and updates.

  • WisCOSH to Send Delegation to Washington D.C.

    Next month to kick off WisCOSH's "Workers' Memorial Week" of activities WisCOSH wwill send a delegation of workers to Washington D.C. to meet with their Congressional representation to tell of the workplace hazards, illnesses and injuries they have sustained or witnessed others sustain.

    WisCOSH is coordinating this event in support of the recently released National COSH Policy Platform "Protecting Workers' Lives and Limbs". A number of other COSH groups and worker centers from around the country will also host delegations of their own. For more information and updates.

  • PRESS RELEASE: WisCOSH Joins Call for New Workplace Safety Protections to Save Thousands of Lives, Billions of Dollars

    For immediate release March 15, 2017
    Contact: James Schultz james.schultz@wiscosh.org

    WisCOSH Joins Call for New Workplace Safety Protections
    to Save Thousands of Lives, Billions of Dollars

    Local delegation to meet with Sens. Johnson & Baldwin and several Reps.;
    Advocates also call for action in local communities and workplaces

    [Milwaukee, WI] – WisCOSH, a statewide organization advocating for worker safety for nearly 40 years, has joined a nationwide campaign to advance an action agenda for workplace safety.

    Protecting Workers’ Lives and Limbs,” convened by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, has been endorsed by more than 90 groups across the country, including WisCOSH.

    The comprehensive platform for strong worker safety protections, advocates say, can save workers’ lives and reduce costs to employers in Wisconsin. A delegation from WisCOSH will present the platform to Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Sen. Ron Johnson and several Representatives.

    “Communication with elected officials is urgent”, said Jim Schultz of WisCOSH. “Recent Congressional actions have put workers at risk by taking steps to eliminate sanctions against federal contractors who violate safety laws and reverse longstanding recordkeeping rules.

    “The need for workplace health and safety regulations with strong enforcement is of vital need all across Wisconsin and America. No one knows it more than do the family, friends and community of workers like Jeffery J. Jones Jr. (38) of Wausau, Shawn Day (49) of Oak Creek, and many too many others. We have the ability to prevent most incidents from occurring. But voluntary regulations will never be followed by the corporations that can afford to kill it’s worker. Allowing employers to treat their workforce differently ...More here

link to National COSH United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities