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  • Workers' Memoorial Day

    WisCOSH has begun planning this years event to commemorrate the workers lost in 2016 to workplace fatality or exposure with the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and the Waukesha County Labor Council. This is a first time joint project with both Central Labor Councils. WisCOSH is happy to welcome Waukesha to the efforts to highlight the continuing loss of workers to workplace hazards.

    Discussion so far has centered around the location of this year's events. Currently the Workers' Memorial Day Committee is looking to hold the "Mourn The Dead" and "Fight Like Hell For The Living" events at an alternate location and work on repairing and repainting the gazebo in Ziedler Union Square Park in downtown Milwaukee where the events have been traditionally located. Availability of several locations is being checked so that a location can be set as soon as possible.

  • WisCOSH, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and Waukesha County Labor Council Co-Host Workers' Memorial Day Events

    After a number of meetings between WisCOSH, MALC and WCLC and a few union locals there was a motion to move the events for this year in order to give the renovation of the gazeebo and park a head start.

    Mourn The Dead

    This year the commemoration of those workers lost to workplace incident, exposures and illnesses will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (located at 3722 S. 58th St., Milwaukee, WI). This location was chosen by the Committee as a venue that is large enough to hold anticipated attendees and has been labor friendly.

    Fight Like Hell for The Living!

    Just a short distance away from the commemoration ceremonies we will hold the annual fundraiser dinner at Yatchak Hall. After dining WisCOSH will take a look ahead to how workers can organize around the unsafe work and unhealthy conditions they are forced to spend their day in just to pay rent, buy food, and hope to not need their health insurance. Also updates on who is potentially the new head of the Dept. of Labor, OSHA and other agencies vital to worker and community health and safety.

    WisCOSH has set the munu for the fundraiser dinner with an eye to Spring with possibly the first cookout of the year!

      Cost $5/plate (preorder) or $6/plate at the event
    • Choice of Bratwurst* or 2 Turkey Hot Dogs*
    • Homemade potato salad
    • Relish tray
    • Homemade desserts
    *vegetarian meal is available upon request or reservation

  • Workers' Memorial Day Around The State of WI

    Workers' Memorial Day is being commemorated around the state by families, coworkers, friends and communities.

    As soon as WisCOSH is informed of the time and location of the many Workers' Memmorial Day events we will post them here so you can find the nearest one to you and join in. commemorating those workers that never made it home last year. If you are planning an event in your area please contact us so WisCOSH can help promote it and increase turnout.

    • Madison:

      link to National COSH   United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities